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Postmodern Company

Our Services

Production means more than shooting film or video. We are a strategic and creatively driven production team, from concept and script through editing and distribution. We work to meld new production with preexisting ideas and elements, creating stories that need to be told.


We spend a notable amount of time with our clients to strategically consider each project’s needs.  Whether a live action shoot, motion design, or a combination, we maximize resources and production time to deliver content that compels, inspires and motivates.

Well executed design and animation has a huge impact on the look and feel of any project. Increasingly so, it is the project. If it’s a commercial or a documentary, a web-video or a conference presentation, we bring the same design skill to our work: 2D or 3D, computer-created or hand-drawn.

Our roots are in Post, it’s in the name after all. Picture and Sound, Motion and Color in one great space. Film, video and audio creatives that both listen and contribute to every project. We edit virals, broadcast spots, short form projects, long form projects and features.

We offline and we online. We cut, conform and color. We work across all major editing platforms: Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premier, Smoke. Lots of rooms, lots of systems, all tied together with shared storage and a great support staff.

So much more than just a music cut and a mix. Perfect picture is deaf without perfect sound design. Professional sound design elevates the outcome to a truly professional level. We have the creative and technical talent to finish a project the way it should be.

We’ve done hundreds of Dialog Replacement sessions both big and small. We’re also highly versed in Foley, ISDN remotes, 5.1 and 7.1 mixes, every radio genre known to man and, of course, original composition and multiple music library licensing.

Experience the difference. Most editing systems allow the editor to do color correction. But Color Grading is a skill that takes that standard skill to the next level in correction and creativity.

Our DaVinci color suite is designed for immersing into color design. Like all the other creative factors, your color style should play directly into your vision for the final product. Our colorist has over 20 years of doing nothing but color. You won’t believe your eyes.

PM LABS is also more than just video “in the cloud.” It’s a collaborative workspace that organizes your media and gives you secure online access from any device. Search, review, comment and approve content. Distribute and share with peers, clients, media outlets or prospects – all from one platform. It’s a unique, cost effective strategy to distribute your video content that enhances views, helps people find your website, and brands you, not YouTube.

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    Ben Seymour

    Executive Producer
  • D

    Paul Feldman

  • D

    Bryan Saunders

  • D

    Jason Sedmak

    Senior Picture Editor
  • D

    Jonny Christensen

    Senior Picture Editor
  • D

    Mike Cramp

    Senior Sound Designer
  • D
    Bandera Cruse | POSTMODERN CO - Production Coordinator

    Bandera Cruse

    Production Coordinator
  • D

    Kyle Pflieger

    Assistant Editor
  • D

    David Emrich

    President/Senior Picture Editor
  • D

    Jamie Kirchhof

    General Manager
  • D

    Whitney Hamblin

    Account Administrator
  • D

    Don Rase

  • D

    Kevin Emmons

  • D

    John Brisnehan

    Motion Design
  • D

    Rick Gougler

  • D

    David Stone

    Editor/Effects Editor
  • D

    Anistacia Barber

    Business Development

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