People Really, Really Like Podcasts (This Time We Have Numbers To Prove It)


I need to eat some crow. Six months ago when Apple announced they were going to be releasing analytics for Podcasts I told my coworkers the end was near. Podcasts were on fire, millions of dollars were being poured into story development and new startups, and advertisers were jumping for a chance to land one of the small number of coveted ads. And while it all sounded good, I thought it was too good to be true. Analytics would crash the party and everything would go cold.


But I was wrong. And not just kind of wrong, but really wrong. And as you can imagine, being wrong sucks.


Yesterday Wired Magazine released an article about the fallout from Apple’s initial analytic dump, and the stats aren’t bad. In fact, they are mind blowing. Here’s a few of the ones I cherry picked to highlight my inability to see the future.


+ According to Mindroll Media, podcast listeners consume about 90 percent of a show.


+ The number of people skipping ads is incredibly low.


+ The average show’s listen time tends to be steady regardless of the length of the show.


The fact that the show length doesn’t drastically change the amount listeners consumer is one of the biggest surprises for me. We constantly debate in the office about how long someone will listen to a show, and if in today’s hyper-connected environment, anything over 5 minutes is too long.


Now the numbers are still young, and the data doesn’t include everything Apple will be providing to publishers, but this initial data dump is impressive and has us excited.


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