The Evolution of Postmodern Company

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Partners,

The story of Postmodern Company can be distilled down to one common theme -evolution. Today, I am elated to announce another exciting evolution for Postmodern as we take bold new strides both as a business and a brand.

Twenty-five years ago, our founder David Emrich identified the need to embrace digital video workflows and create a facility that combined picture and sound services. Acting on his idea, David built the first local audio studio without tape machines and edited a feature on Avid years before most.

It was also during this time Postmodern got its name. David wanted to combine ‘post’ and ‘modern,’ to convey his desire to offer clients artistry with emerging technology, without losing the moniker of post production work. The philosophical and artistic meaning behind his final selection was icing on the cake.

The work poured in and Postmodern Company quickly established itself as a premier facility by working for local and national companies on hundreds of commercials for such brands as Ford, Keebler, Budweiser, Kelloggs, Nintendo, and DISH, as well as network projects for TCM, CBS, ESPN, and SciFi; and audio services for feature films and TV shows. Jim Carrey did all of his dialog replacement for The Mask in the Postmodern studios.

Never neglecting the roots of Postmodern Company’s abilities in Post-Production, but also vigilant in developing new markets, David foresaw the need to create a full-service production shop, and moved his offices to RiNo before it was called RiNo. Quickly he began producing work for the federal government: National Park Service and the National Science Foundation
In short, he was off to the races.

On a sunny summer day in 2012, David made his next move, hiring me to lead production efforts and business development for ad agencies, brands, nonprofits, and corporate clients. I came from L.A. and had been working in the business on commercials, episodics, and feature films since 2001.

Just as David had done when he embraced the digital revolution, I embraced the need to build Postmodern. In 2014, David promoted me to Executive Producer in order to scale out all original video and audio production business.

Which brings us to today.

For the past year David and I have been working to split ownership of Postmodern Company and allow me to continue running and evolving the current operation, while David would be able to get back to his roots of producing and editing documentaries, feature films, and various types of media for the federal government under the name PM Media Services.

In May, my wife and I took ownership of Postmodern Company and began the next big evolution. The vision includes building out a collaborative space for complementary companies and forging a creative environment that reflects RiNo’s artistic roots. We also plan to enhance Postmodern’s production, post-production, strategy and distribution services while continuing to be the stalwart our Denver production community has relied on for over 25 years.

Additionally, David and PM Media Services will continue to share the building with other companies that are in the expanding collaborative environment at Postmodern.

With one company evolving into two, and all that surrounds the new paths of media production for both companies, the opening of a new era under a legacy brand has begun. In the coming months the Denver market and the surrounding region will see a new face for Postmodern Company and bold new business developments along with it. We look forward to sharing it all with you.

Ben Seymour

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