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Anchor Center for Blind Children

Client: Anchor Center for Blind Children

Agency: Postmodern Company

Producer: Ben Seymour

Camera: Eric Paton/Chuck Smith

Editor: Jason Sedmak

Audio Mix: Mike Cramp

Postmodern Company’s connection with Anchor Center for Blind Children is beyond compare. We’ve had the honor of working with the organization since 2013 and all our work is truly a labor of love. We strive to help Anchor Center tell their unique story in unique ways in order to stand apart from other videos that might cloud both the needs and successes of Anchor Center.

With every project we do for and with Anchor Center we present a creative approach that we hope is not only unique to the video landscape, but is also absolutely compelling. Postmodern Company developed the creative approach for this overarching video to start by bringing the viewer through a path of empathy and consideration for what the diagnosis of a blind child feels like for parents and loved ones and how equally powerful finding Anchor Center was and is for all involved.