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NIMBL - Brand Video

Client: NIMBL

Agency: Postmodern Company

Producer/Writer: Ben Seymour

DP: Eric Paton

Editor: Jason Sedmak

Graphics: David Stone

Audio: Mike Cramp

NIMBL was at an awesome tipping point when Postmodern Company first started working with co-founder Yosh Eisbart. They had moved into a newly remodeled building, were bringing on lots of new business, new employees and new clients. We had the pleasure of helping forge all that momentum into a robust brand video that spoke to all their audiences.

Postmodern created the concept for the video based on the tenants of the DNA of NIMBL and all that supports their company culture. We composed all the shots, designed all the graphics elements and set a tone through editing to align for a look that breaks through the standard tech company culture video.