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Southshore - Life at the Lake

Client: Southshore

Agency: Milesbrand

Executive Producer: Ben Seymour

Producer: Rachel Weber

DP: Nick Owen

Line Producer: Krisi Olivero

Senior Audio Engineers: Neil Hebbert and Mike Cramp

Junior Audio Engineer: Jake Reuter

Colorist: Rick Gougler

Denver is defined by the Rocky Mountains. To have a housing community less than a 1/2 an hour away from downtown Denver that offers sandy beaches, boating, sailing, fishing and paddle boarding is offering the best of both worlds to would-be home buyers.  Postmodern Company was hired by Milesbrand to help illustrate the beauty and availability of the Southshore housing community.

Postmodern found and hired a local musician to write and compose a song befitting this community and all that comes with it. The song paired with our shot compositions, edit and color correction paint a full picture. Using two crews, lots of cameras and lots of natural light we brought to life a look that feels like the ocean is just minutes from the mountains.