Color Correction and Grading

When it comes to color correction and grading, experience makes all the difference. At Postmodern, our colorists have spent over 20 years focusing solely on color.


Like all the other creative factors, your color style should play directly into your vision for the final product. With our level of experience comes an understanding of how to enhance an already beautiful shot and evoke your desired feelings from the viewer.


Most editing systems allow the editor to do color correction. But color grading is a skill that takes that standard skill to the next level of correction and creativity. Using our DaVinci color suite, we immerse ourselves into the color design to create a final product that looks beautiful on any display.


After we correct and grade your footage, you won’t believe your eyes.


Color Correction Services

Starting with color correction, we fix and adjust exposure, tune the white balance, edit contrast, and repair any excessive noise in your footage.


Professional Color Grading

Color grading is where the magic happens. With consistent color, we can shot match each scene to bring balance to the complete project and create a cohesive look across all scenes. Then, we can digitally re-light, add creative looks, then build in face tracking and masking to attract viewers eyes to a specific focal point in any scene.