Sound Design

Audio production from Postmodern is so much more than just a music cut and a mix. Perfect picture is deaf without perfect sound design and our professional sound design elevates the outcome to a truly professional level. By bringing out the nuances in your audio and enhancing the details, we can use sound to create atmosphere, elicit emotion, and set the tone for your visuals.


We have the creative and technical talent to finish a project the way it should be and can serve multiple formats, including broadcast, documentary and feature films. When it comes to sound design, we can use our space to record sounds and voice overs, then mix and master to bring your story to life.


With our recording studio, and a combination of our skills and tools, you can create podcasts, audio blogs, audio books, and any other type of audio media. We’re also highly versed in ADR, Foley, ISDN remotes, 5.1 and 7.1 mixes, and every radio genre known to man.