Video Editing

The editing room is where your story comes to life. At Postmodern, editing is part of our full production service or we can work with you on your projects to bring your vision to life. We pull together visuals, graphics, and audio to create one cohesive piece of content that can be distributed across your network and audiences.


With our team of editors, we can handle virals, broadcast spots, short form projects, long-form projects, and feature-length films. We’ll work with you on scaling the production to meet the unique needs of your project. Have a single camera interview? We can handle that. Looking to complete a 20-day feature film shoot? No problem. We streamline the process and act as a one-stop shop, allowing us to give your project the attention it deserves.


At Postmodern we work across all major editing platforms: Avid, Final Cut Pro, Symphony, Adobe Premiere, and Smoke. With lots of rooms, lots of systems, and lots of talent we can deliver best in-class video editing services. Plus, we tie this all together with shared storage and a great support staff, making the start to finish production process as smooth as possible.